searching for yoga love… week 3

This week I fell out with yoga. Our relationship suffered a low point exacerbated by injury, fatigue and routine. On the up side I actually practiced ‘some’ yoga every single day. I hit that 7/7 goal. But it was a hollow victory.

Monday – This morning was a tough bootcamp class, so evening yoga felt like a great way to bookend the day with a balancing gentleness. I’m aware that I’m not loosening up as fast as I’d like, so I chose Happy Hamstrings from

Tuesday – Waking up with the mat still on the floor is a great way to motivate a morning session. Another hamstring-focused class and as I zipped around town during my day I felt lose and strong. A great combination.

Wednesday – I went for a Rise and Shine, one of my favourites by Fiji. But found that the tops of my feet were bruised. One of the many frustrations of having such creaky hips is that the pressure on my feet when my legs are crossed can be uncomfortable. It made for a practice of inner grumbling.

Thursday – My feet are still feeling it. I did a very gentle class of only 10 minutes. I know, it can’t really count can it? The niggling pain, lack of perceived progress and a lack of energy made even these 10 minutes hard to focus on.

Friday – Woke up with a completely cricked neck. Turning my head to the right was barely possible and quite painful. Perhaps I slept on it in a bad position, or perhaps all this home yoga is taking its toll? I did a session but it was another brief and not so enjoyable class.

Saturday – My neck is slowly loosening up so I think there’s no real damage but it’s still limiting in terms of yoga. More grumbling.

Sunday – Part of me is very happy to have at least been on the mat every day this week. I try to keep this in mind while I do another hamstring class, taking the pressure away from my neck. But with some very short and not very joyful sessions I’m not sure I have really hit my goal.

I’m feeling like my relationship with yoga has hit a low. Perhaps not having scheduled any live classes this week is part of the problem. I haven’t even touched meditation, and my inner dialogue is a big clue to my frustrations. I need to think positive despite the challenges. I make an effort to let this week go and see week 4 as a new beginning…