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Nealy Fischer Teaching36 years of yoga practice, 18 years as a monk, Carlos Pomeda is an insightful, entertaining spiritual teacher. Hear him talk at Nealy Fischer’s next ‘From KEE to Zen‘ evening on Monday 15th June at KEE Club. Add yoga, led by Nealy, fabulous healthy food and an inspired, like-minded crowd.
My experience at the last Mayya+Movement / KEE club collaboration runs below… Enjoy!

At Nealy’s April Kee Club event there was a Dj, there were drinks and there were people in tight clothes, but unusually for Kee rather than the clubbing crowd it was Jason Nogoy spinning yoga-tastic tunes, cucumber infused water on tap and the wellness crowd in the latest Lululemon-wear going through asanas on 32 mats.

“I love teaching. It’s what I love to do the most out of everything,” said Nealy. An inspiring, warm and entertaining yoga instructor, she has been leading Candlelight Yoga at her home for a couple of years and brought the same warmth and inspiration to Kee.

With a gentle start she led the class in a fun post-work series of poses, before taking the pace up for a few super-challenging moves that elicited a few giggles. Then it was a calming descent into a soothing shivasana.

“It was really humbling,” she said afterwards. “And exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever had a room so full of people new to yoga. It is easy to bring yogis in. You offer yoga, music and food and they’re like, “I’m coming!” But getting beginners to join, I see that as real progress.”

After a celebratory “OM”, functional medicine practitioner Miles Price led a talk about healthy lifestyles, testing the crowd a little on what is healthy and what isn’t, (beef is ok when farmed correctly, avocado and olive oils are for salad only, use coconut oil for cooking at a low temperature, eat soy when fermented, eat protein to boost the metabolism, use exercise and a low carb diet to regulate your blood sugar, and some greens should be steamed not always eaten raw, like kale).

“I want to give health professionals like Miles a platform with an audience that really wants to hear what you’ve got to say,” said Nealy. Like having your own personal lifestyle trainer, he was also on hand to chat during the final part of the evening. I asked him if it was possible to overdose on drinking water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. I’m relieved when he says I can drink as much of it as I like. I haven’t fallen ill since I introduced it as the first thing I drink in the morning. And these days I drink it throughout the day.

This was followed by a feast of nutritious and delicious dishes. From the fish and tofu, salads and skewers, wraps and even her chocolate tarts with raw almond butter, we all went back for more, safe in the knowledge we didn’t have to choose healthy – it was all healthy.

“It was an evening that gave loads of different takeaways, whether ideas or inspirations based on physical pursuits or a new healthy mindset,” said Nealy. “If people feel better about themselves and their lives than they did when they came in, then I did a service. It’s not meant to be a yoga event, it’s an everything event where you tap into a networked crowd of interesting people who all have something to say about the world. I love taking care of people and I wanted the evening to give people an experience where they leave feeling like they had a little aha moment!”

MAYYA + MOVEMENT YogaDon’t miss the next Mayya event, From KEE to Zen – yoga, tunes, spiritual wisdom and soul food, Monday 15th June at KEE Club. Check out Mayya+Movement for more details.