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IMG_5845_scEvery day personal trainer Pam Chan logs up to 5 hours working out and eats 12 snacks/meals to keep up her energy. Result? She looks about half her 44 years of age!

As a Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower PT, Pam regularly finds her clients asking her about their diets. Even though she is not a nutritionist, she is always happy to pass on her advice gleaned from seven years as a fitness professional.

“It’s important to change your diet to support your new found sport,” she says. “Eating right can help fuel your running, repair your body, improve performance and make you feel better all round.”

Her daily menu includes grains (like kamut and rye berries, brown rice, lentils, oatmeal etc) with pork or eggs for protein, protein bars, nuts, more hard boiled eggs, seed crackers and peanut butter… It’s pretty basic and very strict, but completely inspiring as Pam literally glows.

For her clients she starts with five main tips. They may seem simple at first glance but but when you’re starting out they’re deceptively difficult to put into habitual practice. Make changes gradually – and especially follow number 4.


Pam’s diet tips:


Eat at least 4 to 6 times a day – 3 main meals and 1 to 3 snacks like protein bars, nuts and apples – to keep your metabolism high.


For energy, focus on good carbs (such as green peas, sweet potatoes, brown rice etc) and good fats (like almonds, avocados, fish oil etc), rather than processed or sweet carbs. But remember, even when they’re good carbs calories do count.


The best time to eat fruit is either in the morning before a workout so the sugar can feed you immediate energy, or straight afterwards while recovering.


Don’t go for a diet that targets fast weight loss. If you can’t sustain the diet long-term the loss will rebound. You need something you will enjoy sticking with.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day – water helps the body metabolise fat.


To go with your running and diet she suggests these all-round tips to get your body in the best shape possible:

Pam120_retouchedResistance training

Strengthening your legs can increase the strength and control of the smaller muscles in your feet and the larger muscles that control movement at the pelvis, hips and knees. Don’t forget to train your core as this can help your running posture and improve your endurance. And having good balance can help avoid ankle sprains as well.

Dynamic stretching

Include moves like butt kicks and walking lunges, as these improve your range of motion and loosen up the muscles that you’re going to use. They also increase the heart rate, body temperature and blood flow before you start your run.

Sleeping well

Try to sleep at least seven hours a night. It’s best to get to bed before 11pm. Nearly 70 percent of our growth hormone is produced while you are sleeping, and growth hormone helps build muscles and burn fat.


Check out our next post – Pam’s personal philosophy on loving life.

Pam Chan can be found at Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower in Mongkok.


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