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IMG_5838_scLove your job, love exercise, love healthy food and treat yourself every now and then. This is Pam Chan’s life philosophy. She shared her advice in running+beyond – diet basics, but we were so impressed by her attitude we had to feature her again.

Personal trainer at Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower, in Mongkok, Pam claims to be 44 years old. We say, no way!

She is admittedly quick to say she isn’t a ‘regular’ person. For a start she works out for between one and five hours a day as part of her job but also because she loves it. And get this – she trains clients on her day off, because she loves it.

Love your job

Seven years ago she steered her career through a 180. “I worked in fashion for ten years. It just wasn’t me,” says the trainer who is barely ever out of her gym gear. “But in this job I’m helping people to look good, feel good and be healthy – and that’s healthy in three dimensions; physically, psychologically and emotionally. In fashion it’s just about looking different on the outside, just one dimension.”

Pam155_retouchedLove exercise

Pam has found what most people imagine is a modern urban myth – a nearly stress-free job. “When I exercise my body releases endorphins. And my clients are mostly very positive thinking. Most people who work out are very positive about life.”

Love healthy food

Pam eats around 12 meals – or rather snacks – a day. From her 5.30am cleansing lemon water, followed by pre-workout black coffee to burn her almost non-existent fat, through protein shakes and bars, grains with pork or egg dusted with her favourite condiment chili, plus nuts, seed crackers, chick peas and red bean soup, she grazes on the good stuff to keep her metabolism and energy levels high.

Treat yourself

“I eat other foods too but I love my diet. I enjoy every single bite. This diet is also good for my skin, plus I drink a lot of water. I do love food like cakes though. I think you need a cheat day or a cheat meal every now and then or you go nuts.”

Love life

What’s really fascinating is how her svelt body and youthful face have changed since she started working at Pure Fitness. “I think my face looks younger than before, after all the skin is one of the biggest organs of the body and sweating helps get rid of dirt and toxins from the body. Plus weight training can tone the female body without us getting too big. And, finally, I’m happy here. I really enjoy my work!”


Pam Chan can be found at Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower in Mongkok.

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