10 amazing life lessons from master healer anup karlsson

IMG_0020-1Originally from the Uk, Anup is a healer. His talents are wrapped up in titles like life coach and spiritual coach, international speaker and seminar leader, mentor and Reiki master. But whatever he’s doing, he’s making life better.

His life has spanned working on oil rigs and sewage plants, spending time in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Hong Kong among other countries, and since his light bulb moment in 1992, learning and living what it is to heal himself and others.

He’s comfortingly down to earth. As soon as he starts telling his story, in a gentle northeastern accent, you realise he’s lived, or is living, the lessons he’s teaching. He gets what you’re going through. He’s been there, lived to tell the tale and is more than ready to share some solutions.

His readings use tarot cards, personal insights and infinite amounts of patience. Rather than forecasting anything specific, he offers clarification on the past, advice on the present and possible signposts leading to a potential future.

Until February 2nd he will be at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, where he is available for readings and consultations.

These lessons are deep, but think about them.
Give them time to make sense, to resonate with your life.
Accept and love the good and the difficult.
And instead of being a fight, life can be a dance.


I find ways to harmonise reality for myself. I had no idea what I wanted to do in life. Every single restriction, insecurity and challenge I came across, through not knowing what I wanted in life, developed me.


I believe we choose our parents. My father and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on many topics and because of this as a boy and young man, I was faced with a deep insecurity regarding believing in myself. This actually assisted me tremendously as a way to both discover and love myself.


My soul wants to learn how to love myself in this lifetime. I believe each time you come here you’re wanting to experience a different incarnation so that the soul will learn more about itself. The soul that you are right now, the part of you that experiences reality in your body, is minute in comparison to who you really are. For this experience and the lessons you need to learn, you are just getting to see this little part.


Being here as separate beings is a conspiracy, a set-up. Male, female, different colours, languages, beliefs… It’s all a conspiracy creating the illusion of a reality of separation. We will always have the opportunity to come together and love each other and experience that utopian expansion. We are nowhere near it yet but the possibility always exists, and it always gives us the opportunity to love in situations where we would normally choose to fight. As Buddha said, “It’s not over until we’re all there”.


We are too much in our heads. Our natural place is to rest in the heart, but because we are here to experience a reality of separation, we believe that our centre is in the head or mental world. It’s because we operate from this mental world that we end up stressed, anxious, afraid, worried, angry etc. Often we unconsciously create breakdowns for ourselves, which immediately puts us back in our heart centre and life always feels better from there.


There is nothing in the material world that will fulfill you. Those things are all temporary fixes. You still have to come back to what you need to deal with internally. We may live in a material world, but love is one of the only real things on the planet. Why do so many painful lessons happen around it? Because it is real.


Your entire life experience is internal. Life looks like it’s all happening on the outside of you, but in actual fact, your entire life experience is internal. When you judge what you see on the outside, you are actually making that judgment because you are unwilling to see that dis-harmony within yourself, so you project it outward. When you accept and love the disharmony within, the need to judge disappears and you expand by allowing more of life to introduce itself to you.


It helps to know things are going to change. The only security we have in life is that there is no security and everything will always change. Releasing the need to change everything is essential for a peaceful reality. So when life is tough, the sooner you can accept it rather than desperately needing to change it, the sooner it will change. It is a cliché, but this moment is all there ever is and so bringing your attention back to it helps you move from the madness of the mind and its ridiculous illusionary realities, to the peace, harmony and perfection of the moment. You are always ok, you have an entire life behind you that has proven that. It may have been difficult but you are still here, you made it and you always will. So just drop back to this moment as often as you can.


Meditation is absolutely essential. It is the core of everything that is valuable in life. I urge everyone I meet to start. It is the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself by far, by far! It’s just an incredible tool for making your life better in every single area.


What is great about life is that it is perfect as it is right now. If you feel stuck, the quickest way to move from that stuck-ness is to drop to the acceptance of what is, which essentially means you begin the process of loving what is.