yoga, meditation and mindfulness – the perfect trifecta, by fé

landscapeYoga, meditation and mindfulness make up a beautiful recipe for life-long contentment. They may not be easy, but have faith: they pay back far beyond the time, effort and (possibly) anguish you experience learning to master them. So when opportunities arise to learn their peace-enhancing ways, don’t hesitate.

Fé Valvekens of the beautifully soft, figure-enhancing A Day With Fé yoga designs, is organising four meditation and yoga workshops coming up on the 16th and 23rd of September and 7th and 14th October. Meditation expert and instructor Elena Maria Foucher and yogini (by way of Kia Miller in Rishikesh) Virginie Morel will lead the yoga, meditation and mindfulness trifecta at PMQ studio S502.

The first class will serve as an intro and the following three cover body, visual and auditory meditation techniques.

S+B – Why do you think it’s important to teach mindfulness here in Hong Kong?
Fé – Life in Hong Kong can sometimes be over stimulating and overwhelming, so a mindful approach in our daily lives can help us find peace within and enjoy a more slow-paced life.

S+B – What gave you the initial idea to do this?
Fé – I just finished a 10-day Vipassana meditation camp and noticed how mindful meditations helped me to stay grounded. Now I understand that not everybody can carve out 10 days in their schedule to do this, so a evening workshop spread out over four weeks would more accessible and give an opportunity to practice in a small group.

S+B – What do you hope students will take away with them?
Fé – I hope students will learn that meditation is not just for yogis, and that you can apply simple yet efficient techniques according to your preferences. Some prefer to do a body scan while others are more visual. The best way to start meditating is to be guided and to let go of any kind of expectations around meditation.

The four classes cost HK$1,900. Check out A Day with Fé for more details, and to add retail therapy to mindfulness by browsing her designs.