give up counting sheep for 2015

Yoga2_hrFor anyone who needs some serious catch-up on their zzzs, Six Senses’ new Yogic Sleep retreats leave you totally refreshed, with new reserves of energy and new sleep skills to take home.

The retreat will have you practicing Yoga Nidra, aka yogic sleep but with awareness rather than snores (ideally), plus pranayama breathing and gentle yoga to induce a state of optimum relaxation, all conducive to deep, nurturing sleep.

Practice often enough and the deep meditative state will improve not only your psychological and neurological states but also your regular sleep patterns.

Group of people performing yoga on the beachCountless studies (not sheep) have proven that sacrificing sleep and insomnia can cause a decrease  learning abilities and a woolly memory, with serious amounts of deprivation leading to mood swings and possibly depression, a compromised immune system, weight gain and potential heart disease.

“Having an established routine around sleep, daylight and vitamin D is crucial in order to stay healthy,” says Anna Bjurstam, vice president of Six Senses Spas. “We have asked for advice from some of the world’s leading experts in sleep and nutrition and are delighted to share it with our guests during our yogic sleep programs.”

Once the therapist has roused you from your spa treatment, you’ll be taken back to your room where the perfect temperature, music and energy cleansing mists will lull you into proper unconsciousness.

And when you wake up the next morning your sleep journal and a guide with sleeping tips will be yours to fill in, study and take home, where you can continue your new-found, sleep-inducing habits long-term. No counting sheep required.

The Yogic Program retreats run from three to 14 nights at selected Six Senses resorts.