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Go to any beauty department this month and what do you see? Gold, silver and bronze. When it comes to perfecting that festive party look – I look no further than Swiss make-up guru Sandra Grau at Flawless, Hong Kong’s beauty parlour du jour (www.flawless.hk.com).

‘When in doubt, add lipstick,’ is her tried and tested mantra. Having plucked the brows of celebrities East and West she should know and her no nonsense approach proves the perfect antidote to our overcomplicated world. 


“A gorgeous red lip makes even minimal mascara and concealer look polished. Not a lipstick girl? Perfect those party eyes – think gold, silver, green and plum.  But beware, when it comes to cosmetics, the line between just enough and too much is a precarious one. “Don’t mix too many colours together or you might look like a Christmas tree,” warns Grau. “The trick is to mix the gold with silver. Never apply gold alone as it can look unnatural. Apply silver on the inner corner of both your upper and lower lids and apply gold on the outer. Blend together. For a that sultry evening look, mix the gold with brown.”


“For the lushest of red lips just a touch of lip liner gives that perfectly curved effect and prevents the finish looking too angular. Complete with a rich red colour. [Note those with thin lips (like myself)should use a gloss on top to make the colour last longer.]Dust your cheeks LIGHTLY with a little gold powder. You can even dust your breastbone and cleavage, but don’t over do it. Now you are set to go!”


Asia is overflowing with make-up emporiums but finding an expert you trust can be a little trickier…In Hong Kong you can also check out emmanuel f www.emmanuelf.com who carries the plant-based brand Couleur Caramel, which is 100% natural.  Also plant-based is Ceri Silk’s certified organic line Esse. Book a facial at Glow Salon and add a makeup lesson with resident artist Patrick www.cerisilk.com 



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