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green juicesAsk anyone trying to kick-start their diet and fitness program for the summer, and you may find they are convinced that juice detoxes or cleanses are the way to go. We take some inspiration from with their top 5 juice delivery and bar suggestions.

Hong Kong has a fantastic selection of cleanse programs and juice bars ready to help you drink your vitamins, minerals and enzymes, and get healthy. Pick a pre-designed detox program (many of which can be ordered online), or select juices yourself to create a custom cleanse. Alternatively simply choose a few single servings of something yummy to supplement healthy eating.

Today’s catchphrase is “drink a green juice a day”, which helps you focus in on the less sugar-loaded vegetable rather than fruit offerings. Test your juice appetite with these great juice companies, many of which offer fruitier blends for beginners, and then adopt the habit at home using a juicer or a blender. Check out for some great recipes.

Be-Juiced1 – Be-Juiced

Fresh-pressed juices are bottled locally and delivered directly to your door the night before you begin your cleanse. Be-Juiced cleanse programs are available at three levels – Reboot, Grounding, or total Vegification, with increasing greens and decreasing amounts of sugar/fruit included in the juice blends chosen for each level. A bit bummed about giving up food for a few days? Tongue-in-cheek drink names like Dr. Bunny, Beet It, and Oh My Gazpacho are sure to make you smile. Choose a one-, three-, or six-day program; groups of five or more detoxing together can receive a 10% discount. A Be-Juiced 3-day cleanse is $1,580 and a 6-day cleanse is $3,160.

Pure-Swell2 – Pure Swell

Prefer to drink rather than eat your superfoods? Look no further than Pure Swell. Their line of natural juices each have a special purpose – Hydrate, Immunity, Detox, Pick Me Up, Refuel, and Nut Mylk, featuring healthy and delicious ingredients like sprouted almonds, maca, spirulina, and tumeric blended with yummy tastes like coconut, mango, ginger, and vanilla. All Pure Swell beverages are soy, dairy, and gluten free; unpasteurized, and served in glass bottles (so no need to worry about toxins in plastic). Available to order on their website or from Eat FRESH veggie delivery.

Photo courtesy of – Nood Food

Healthy meets delicious at this juice bar and cafe in the form of cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and raw food snacks. Raw food treats on offer include soups, organic coffee (topped with raw vegan chocolate syrup), and lemon macaroons sweetened with coconut flour rather than sugar. Yum! Looking to do a complete detox or deep cleanse? Nood Food can help you by providing everything you need for a full three or six day juice program.

GenieConcept24 – Genie Concept

Genie Concepts was designed to help busy city-dwellers keep fit and healthy with no added fuss. Full juice cleanse programs (designed for beginner, intermediate, and expert detoxers) lasting as little as one day right up to a six-day super cleanse include fruitier concoctions for beginners (like Beaches, featuring strawberry, pineapple, mint, and acai) and and more intense blends such as the Sawadekah (Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Pineapple, Coriander, Lemongrass, Lime) for the experts. Raw food cleanse packages are also available – menu items include things like kale salad, kelp pasta, flax crackers, and coconut macaroons; note that to ensure optimum freshness, the available start days are impacted by the number of days in your program. A 3-day Genie Concept cleanse is $1600 and a 6 day cleanse is $3200.

level 2 cleanse_s5 – Punch Detox

The three day Punch Detox is the perfect way to kick start the system and help set up a healthy and clean eating lifestyle. The plan will ensure you load your body up with nutrients, while flushing out toxins to leave you feeling lighter, less sluggish and full of energy. Once you’ve ordered your juices, they will be delivered to your door the day before you start your cleanse. The delicious flavours include Citrus Punch which contains lemon, cayenne pepper, agave nectar and ginger or the Green Punch which has celery, kale, parsley, cucumber, bitter lemon and spirulina. A 3-day Punch Detox cleanse is $1680 and discounts are available for bulk orders.


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